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Information for patients

It is a special concern for the Charité Poison Control Center to be easily accessible to the public in order to provide medical assistance in case of potential poisoning. In most cases of severe intoxications it is possible to exclude a medical treatment and a consultation can be prevented.

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Information for patients & parents

Most calls of the public concern intoxications of infants. In the first years, children explore their surroundings through their senses -- seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and foremost tasting.

In more than 80% of all cases concerning children under the age of 14, our decades of experience allow us to make the immediate decision that the exposures are within an acceptable level and that a further medical treatment is not necessary.

On our website, you can learn more about topics related to poisoning.

In addition to general instructions of emergency procedures and special first-aid measures, you will also find specific information of frequently requested substances and plants as well as preventive arrangements to make your home as safe as possible. You can also download this information for your own purposes.

Please note: The medical consultants of the Charité Poison Control Center are not trained to give medical advice in case of animal poisoning!

  • Unfortunately, there is no special Poison Control Center for animals. In case of animal intoxication, you should therefore contact your veterinarian or veterinary clinic directly.
  • Specialist information on poisoning of animals is provided by the Universitity of Zurich.

Please support us!

In order to be able to guarantee our service 24 hours a day, high financial expenses are necessary, in which the German health insurance companies unfortunately do not participate. 

An  important financial support we can find in voluntary donations from our callers.

Even small dontations will help.