The Poison Control Centre at a glance

The Poison Control Centre at a glance

The Charité Poison Control Centre is the poison information centre responsible for the Berlin-Brandenburg region. It advises callers on poisoning or suspected poisoning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can find an overview of the poison control centres for the other federal states here

Currently, more than 48,000 questions are answered over the phone each year for the public, doctors, emergency services, schools, kindergartens and other risk-assessment, treatment and prevention organisations. 
Our consultations are free of charge for all callers from the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg as well as the public nationwide. In order to be able to offer our service for all round the clock, high financial expenses are incurred. Unfortunately the health insurance funds do not assist with coverage of these expenses. Voluntary donations by our callers are therefore an important means of financial support.

For institutions (e.g. hospitals) outside of Berlin and Brandenburg consultation is offered for a fee. In addition to itemised invoicing, we offer an option to conclude an annual subscription at a favourable flat rate.

Furthermore, for industry and retail, the Poison Control Centre also offers use of the 24-hour emergency number on EU safety data sheets for a fee.

More information about our company and our hospital service can be found here